Well this has been an interesting end to the summer hoops season. Last week Marvin Bagley decided to commit to Duke and enter the class of ’17 (he still must get cleared by the NCAA) and Kyrie Irving got his wish and gets his pass out of Cleveland. These story lines are different yet similar. Both players have tremendous talent and arrive to a destination that has, to say the least, lofty expectations. Both players have the ability to make their teams championship contenders. The one thing both fan bases must understand is that chemistry is sometimes as important as talent. Acquiring talent in sport and business is just part of the equation. The talent must fit, buy in and be accepted by the members of the team. Roles for both teams will change and players that surround these players must be willing to give in and buy in as well.
Earning trust on the court and in the locker room, and controlling the static from the inner circles of both the current and new players, will also play a role in the success of both Duke and the Celtics. Many times it is not the players themselves that impact a team’s chemistry but the support system of the players that shapes the players perception of the new roles. Businesses and organizations outside of sport need to take this into consideration when making similar changes. It will be interesting to watch this unfold in the week ahead.