Tonight starts a new season for the New England Patriots. Yes, they are defending Super Bowl champions. Yes, they have Tom Brady. However, I find more importance in how they win and why they win. It all begins with the mindset that winning and losing is a byproduct of having everyone committed and accountable to their role and “their job”. To me is the magic of Bill Belichick. 

Coach Belichick’s preparation is legendary but a play without everyone pulling in the same direction, doing it to the best of their ability and championing that role is what makes the Patriots the Patriots. 

Working at ESPN has given me the opportunity to visit with some of Coach Belichick’s former players and some of the brightest football minds and they all reiterate the same thing…

Everyone is held accountable and being the best version of yourself and what you do and how you do it is nonnegotiable. Everyday, during practice, in meeting rooms, in the locker room. The culture set by Coach Belichick carries through everyday. 

Coaches and business owners, this is a great lesson to keep in mind. You want a team committed to being the best version of themselves. That understands if EVERYONE champions their role and EVERYONE executes, the team will function and be at its best.   

Final thought: A key is when handing out praises, it should be not only to the “play-makers” but the people that make the plays for the play-maker.